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Coconut oil beauty tricks

Coconut oil has become incredibly popular in the past few years, and has various uses besides from cooking. Brilliant Smile give their best beauty tips involving coconut oil!..

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Whiter teeth with baking powder?

Using baking powder or baking soda to remove surface stains and coating on the teeth is a classic DIY treatment. But does it work and is it safe? Brilliant Smile will give you the answers!..

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How do I get whiter teeth?

There are many ways to get whiter teeth, but there are also ways to prevent discoloration and ways to maintain a smile that is already beautifully white. Brilliant Smile gives the best tips!..

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Spring- motivation

We have been longing for spring way to long now. Are you tired of dark and cold evenings as everyone else? We will help you find the last motivation you need to hold on a few more days until spring is here!..

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Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Are you suffering from shooting pains and icy sensations in the teeth? You are not alone. Luckily, there ways to fix it and the solution is not necessarily expensive or complicated. Brilliant Smile explains what tooth sensitivity is and how to get rid of it!..

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Erosion damage on the teeth

Teeth erosion is becoming more common, not least for younger people. What causes erosion on the teeth and what can be done about it?..

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Environment-friendly toothpaste

Sustainability is a hot topic today, and many consumers search for information on how they can reduce their own negative impact on the environment. If you want to brush your teeth in a more sustainable way, there are a few things to look for on your toothpaste’s ingredient list that are particularly bad for the environment...

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How many teeth do people have?

Children have fewer teeth than adults, however the total number of teeth can actually vary between adults. Brilliant Smile tells you more and explain how many teeth people normally have...

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Teeth grinding

It’s a common thing to grind or press the teeth while sleeping, but it can also happen during the daytime. You are usually not aware of the fact that you are doing it, but you can notice it if your jaw is feeling tense or if your teeth are damaged...

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HiWhite reviews

We have received reviews about our new toothpaste HiWhite Charcoal. What do you guys think about brushing your teeth with a black toothpaste which includes charcoal in it? What do you think about brushing your teeth with two flavours that is not very common in toothpaste?..

HiWhite Charcoal

Yellow teeth from smoking

It may not be news that smoking makes the teeth more yellow. You may however wonder how much of a difference it actually makes. Brilliant Smile lets you know what to consider if you are a smoker and wish to keep your teeth white and healthy...

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Dreaming about teeth falling out

The most people have at least once had a dream where we lose our teeth. It is an interesting dream since there are a lot of people who is sharing the same kind of story. But why are we having these awful dreams?..

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What does teeth whitening contain?

There are a lot of different kinds of products that fall under the teeth whitening category. In this post we divide them into two categories, teeth whitening with or without peroxide, and tell you about the active ingredients used for the different categories...

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Who invented the toothpaste?

Did you know that it was a Swedish dentist who first developed the fluoride toothpaste? His name was Yngve Ericsson, and in 1959 he patented his invention in, among many countries, Sweden and USA. The fluoride toothpaste revolutionized modern oral care, and is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the major decline in oral cavities. But how did people cope before 1959?..

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How to keep your new year's resolution

Do you also struggle with keeping your new year’s resolutions? You are not alone. In fact, most of us don’t keep the promises we make to ourselves on New Year’s Eve. But this year may be different? We give our best advice on how to keep your new year’s resolution!..

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The most staining Christmas foods

Perhaps you have whitened your teeth to look your best for the holidays? Or perhaps you just want to avoid staining your teeth during this time of feasting? We tell you about the most staining Christmas foods and beverages...

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Teeth whitening for tobacco users

People often ask us if there is any point in whitening the teeth if you are a tobacco consumer. Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening actually works really well to remove tobacco stains, but if you want the result to last long-term there are a few things to keep in mind...

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Christmas gifts 2019 from Brilliant Smile

Have you still not figured out what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Or perhaps you do not know what to wish for yourself? What can be better wishing for, or giving, than something that is useful in everyday life? Check out our awesome bundles and gift sets that are perfect for Christmas – and also are on sale! 😊 ..

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Fluorosis – white spots on the teeth

Fluorosis can be noticed as white spotting on the teeth, which occurs as a result a mineralization defect in the enamel. Fluorosis spots can also sometimes have a yellow-brownish color. The defect originate during the development of the teeth, in other words during childhood, as a result of a high fluoride intake...

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Black Friday!

Black Friday is coming up! Actually, we have already started. Read about this hyped shopping day and check out our current offer!..

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What to eat after teeth whitening

Did you just undergo a teeth whitening treatment, and wonder what is safe to eat without compromizing the results? Brilliant Smile gives you the best tips on what is fine to eat after teeth whitening...

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Fluoride-free toothpaste

Experts say that fluoride offers the best available protection against cavities. So why would anyone want to brush their teeth with fluoride-free options?..

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Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated in Sweden on Sunday November 10th. Do you like to show extra appreciation and want to present the father in question with a lovely gift? Perhaps you have already considered the standard gifts, such as cologne, tie and shirt. Here are some new ideas of gifts for Father’s Day!..

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How to avoid bad breath

Bad breath can happen to anyone, and does not necessarily come from poor oral hygiene, medication or disease. It can however be unpleasant and maybe embarrassing to suffer from it. We will give you some pointers on how you can avoid bad breath!..

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Unusual uses for toothpaste

In a previous entry, we brought up the popular “toothpaste-on-pimples” home remedy. But there are even more unconventional things you can use the toothpaste for, and we’ll tell you all about it!..

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Oil pulling with coconut oil

Coconut oil pulling is an old ayurvedic remedy for cleaning the mouth, clearing out toxins and making the teeth whiter. This concept has gained a lot of momentum lately in social media, where people use coconut oil instead of mouthwash. But how does oil pulling really work?..

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Activated charcoal & black toothpaste

Charcoal powder and black toothpastes containing activated charcoal have started to pop up in various places, both online and in stores. What is activated charcoal and does it make the teeth whiter?..

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The best whitening toothpaste

There are a lot of toothpastes that claim to make the teeth whiter. Unfortunately, many of the whitening-toothpastes don't keep their promises, and some can even damage your teeth. Surely, you want to find a toothpaste that both makes your teeth whiter without damaging the enamel? Here are some advice on what to look for, and how a good toothpaste should work...

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Toothpaste on pimples

You may have heard that some people use toothpaste to treat pimples? It's pretty much a classic home remedy, but does it really work or is it a myth?..

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Feel better with a healthy morning routine!

How you spend your mornings can affect your entire day. Therefore, we are serving you with 5 simple tricks to add to your daily morning routine that can make a big difference to your wellbeing!..

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Preventing tartare

Tartare is formed by soft bacterial coatings, so called plaque, that sticks onto the teeth and eventually harden after contact with the saliva...

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How to prevent tooth cavities

Cavities were a much bigger problem before fluoride toothpaste came along. Some of us still struggle with it, but there are things you can do to prevent it! In this post we tell you what tooth cavities are, and what you can do to avoid it...

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I want whiter teeth - the question is how?

Porcelain veneers, mouth trays, whitening at the dentist, toothpastes and whitening strips.. The market for products that make the teeth whiter keeps getting bigger, with more methods than ever. Brilliant Smile Sweden helps you navigate the tooth whitening jungle and explains the pros and cons of the different methods...

Not just another toothpaste...

Comparing Brilliant Smile products with any standard toothpaste or mouthrinse would be the same as comparing a 50-year old Mcallan single malt whiskey to the cheapest bottle from the liquor store. They are both called whiskey and contain alcohol, but that's where their similarities end...

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Does peroxide-free whitening work?

Peroxide free teeth whitening is a growing product segment that has become quite vocal in the whitening sphere in recent years. It may sound great with taglines such as "peroxide free", "natural ingredients" and "bleaching crystals", but does it actually make the teeth whiter? That's another story...

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Will I look like Ross in Friends after teeth whitening?

In an episode of Friends, the classic 90’s sitcom, Ross Geller gets his teeth whitened, but the result was not what he had imagined. His teeth ended up so white and literally shining, to the point his smile lit up in the dark! Is that possible in real life too though?..

Luminous teeth whitening