Dreaming about teeth falling out

Dreaming about teeth falling out

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The most people have at least once had a dream where we lose our teeth. It is an interesting dream since there are a lot of people who is sharing the same kind of story. But why are we having these awful dreams?

There are a few different explanations and you can read them all below:
Neurological research connects the dream with grinding and pressing your teeth in your sleep. If you are having this dream now and then, you should go and visit your dentist to make sure that you do not get affected on your teeth by the grinding and pressing.

Psychological research says that the dream is reflecting our mind fullness in todays lifestyle. Are you now living in a lifestyle where you are trying a lot of new things that makes you insecure or have you lost the control over things you are usually controlling easily? The theory means that you are losing your teeth because you are losing your pride. Examples on situations that can make you lose control is an argument where you do not have the courage to say your point or that you have promised to much and you have therefor lost control over the tasks.

Based on a dream dictionary the theory is that we lose our teeth because of bad self-confidence and insecurity. To be more specific the dictionary related to a person with many new changes in life where the person had lost control of all new things to do and therefor felt insecure and stressed about it. It could also be because you feel powerlessness, where no one is listening to your strong will. This theory is similar to the psychological research.

You should be very happy if you have never had any dreams about losing your teeth. It is a huge relief when you wake up from the dream and you realise that your teeth are still there, stuck in your mouth. 😉
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