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Brilliant Smile Sweden

The teeth whitening company Brilliant Smile was founded in Sweden in 2003, and is today one of the largest names in the Swedish teeth whitening market. The company has built up a good reputation by offering quality products that efficiently remove discoloration, and provide white teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. The product range has gradually been refined and improved, in order to become more efficient over the years. Additionally, Brilliant Smile has developed a supplementary oral care product line, which dissolves superficial discoloration using active ingredients, and thus has no harmful abrasive effects on the enamel.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of development and to always offer the best teeth whitening products available in the market. By best, we mean products that provide fast and effective results - without compromising with health and safety. With these guiding principles, we strive to be the preferred choice among partners, resellers and end-users worldwide.


Our goal is to offer exclusive products of superior quality which contributes to good oral health and whiter teeth. These will be sold through professional and inspirational market channels, by competent business partners. All products and services are to be offered under a reputable brand that adds value to both retailers and end consumers.


When founding the company in 2003, teeth whitening was relatively new to the general public - it was viewed upon as a luxury only available to celebrities and royals. We seized this opportunity and set out to offer teeth whitening to the Swedish mass market. At first, we had our own clinic in Gothenburg, but we eventually sold it as we had gradually switched over to only distribute our products to clinics all around the country. Today the headquarters is still in Gothenburg, from where Brilliant Smile products are distributed to clinics and stores around the world. As the first company to actively promote teeth whitening directly to the Swedish consumers, the word about Brilliant Smile us started to spread. This new revolutionary method of in-office teeth whitening created a lot of headlines in the Swedish media, and by appearing on national TV shows such as Extreme Makeover Sweden, our brand recognition accelerated even further. As a result, Brilliant Smile managed to establish itself as one of the biggest players in the market within just a few years of business. During the years that followed, the brand became known as "the celebrity 's choice" and the method was demonstrated in additional TV productions: Idol , Top Model Sweden and Big Brother. Click here to see a selection of all the celebrities who have chosen to whiten their teeth with Brilliant Smile. Since the beginning to this very day, our focus has been to offer sophisticated premium products, with superior quality and maximum safety. We work continuously with research and development to move our concept and product line further, ensuring we offer the best possible quality and range to our valued customers. As a complement to teeth bleaching we also developed a line of whitening oral care, which has become increasingly popular. Other whitening toothpastes have always been known to be ineffective and to contain high abrasion - which damages the enamel. We therefore developed a collection of toothpastes and mouthrinse, containing active ingredients that dissolve surface stains and thus make teeth whiter without any harmful abrasives. Learn more about our oral care products and the active ingredients.