Teeth whitening for tobacco users

Teeth whitening for tobacco users

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People often ask us if there is any point in whitening the teeth if you are a tobacco consumer. Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening actually works really well to remove tobacco stains, but if you want the result to last long-term there are a few things to keep in mind.

Does teeth whitening work on tobacco users?

Tobacco use quickly make the teeth more yellow, so there is no wonder why teeth whitening is so popular amongst tobacco consumers. The best way to remove tobacco stains is by whitening the teeth using hydrogen peroxide, as it breaks down the stains and leaves a pearly white smile in the end. Keep in mind that tobacco users may need more treatments than others, since the tooth color is often darker to begin with.

Can I use tobacco while whitening my teeth?

If you are planning to whiten your teeth at home, either using a mouth tray or whitening strips, then we recommend you hold off consuming tobacco during the treatment duration + 3 days. This is both so you may get the best possible result from your treatment, but also since the teeth are extra supsceptible to staining during and straight after teeth whitening. Home whitening treatments usually go on for 1-2 weeks.

If you instead whiten your teeth at a clinic, the entire treatment is concluded in the same day. Furthermore, you have the option to add the after treatment NanoSeal Total+, which seals and protects the enamel against new discoloration. You can then go about your day without having to abstain from anything.

How can I make the results last longer?

The stains that are removed by teeth whitening are permanently gone. You will however accumulate new stains and discoloration over time, especially if you are a tobacco user. It’s therefore important to review your daily habits if you want to make the results last long-term. You could try to stop using tobacco, or change to non-staining options, but first and foremost you should make sure to use oral care products that prevent stains from attaching to the teeth. We recommend the following products for tobacco users:

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