The best whitening toothpaste

The best whitening toothpaste

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There are a lot of toothpastes that claim to make the teeth whiter. Unfortunately, many of the whitening-toothpastes don't keep their promises, and some can even damage your teeth. Surely, you want to find a toothpaste that both makes your teeth whiter without damaging the enamel? Here are some advice on what to look for, and how a good toothpaste should work.

Avoid toothpastes without fluoride
Toothpastes without fluoride have appeared on the market, but excluding fluoride from the daily routine can have serious implications for your oral health. There is no more well-tested or more well-functioning protection against tooth decay than fluoride, and that is exactly why all dentists recommend fluoride toothpaste. A healthy tooth is also more resistant to discoloration, so avoid fluoride-free toothpastes!

Excessive abrasivity produces poor long-term results
Abrasive toothpastes can give good short-term results, as it mechanically grinds off coatings on the teeth surface. Unfortunately, it also grinds the enamel and leaves a scratched surface. A scratched tooth surface is not good from a health perspective, but it makes the teeth extra susceptible to new stains.

Active ingredients
Instead of using abrasives to remove coatings and stains, there are ingredients that can dissolve discoloration on the teeth. If you have enough concentration of such ingredients, preferably several ingredients that collaborate with each other, then you can get really good results without side effects. That’s the way the Brilliant Smiles whitening technology works, with active ingredients that in combination both dissolves superficial discoloration and prevents new stains from attaching to the teeth.

The best toothpaste for whiter teeth
Our most effective toothpaste for white teeth is Whitening boost Toothpaste. It contains the most and highest concentration of active ingredients, which is why we call it our intensive care option. In only 2 weeks you get rid of all the discoloration and stains that sit on the tooth's surface. It does not contain harmful abrasive materials, but of course it contains 1450 ppm fluorine (the content recommended for adults by dentists).

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