Feel better with a healthy morning routine!

Feel better with a healthy morning routine!

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How you spend your mornings can affect your entire day. Therefore, we are serving you with 5 simple tricks to add to your daily morning routine that can make a big difference to your wellbeing!

Apart from the regular morning routine, such as brushing your teeth (of course!), preparing lunch boxes, getting the kids ready for school etc. a great morning routine can affect how your continued day feels and becomes for you. Why don’t you add some simple habits to your morning routine that can make a big difference to your wellbeing. Sounds good, right?

Skip the snooze button
It's hard – we know! But to start the day by falling asleep and waking up every second (while arguing with the snooze function on your mobile) will definitely not make you feel rested or alert. Turn off the alarm and get up immediately to get more time for your morning schedule.

Shower-preferably COLD!
People are different, some prefer evening showers while others shower in the morning.

Shower in the morning if:
– You are facing a stressful and tough week.
– You need to solve problems.
- You need to be your most creative self.

Shower in the evening if:
– You have trouble to unwind at the end of the day.
– You have trouble relaxing.

Does a morning shower suit you best? Then there are additional tricks to make the body spirited and alert: for an example, showering COLD! It improves blood circulation and starts up the body.

Drink water before taking your coffee
One of the first things you should do after waking up is drinking a glass of water. Your body has been without water for several hours and needs to be hydrated. In addition, water is great for the skin and your digestion. Try having a glass of warm water with lemon (and ginger), it contains antioxidants and is good for the body.

Mindfulness & meditation
Start the day with a moment of peace and a positive spirit. Several studies show that meditation and mindfulness increases wellbeing. Meditation helps you to become more present in everyday life, manage stress and get perspective on problems (which can otherwise take a lot of energy). Do mindfulness exercises, meditate or sit quietly and imagine how your day will be, in positive terms.

Eat a hearty breakfast
Your body needs energy after a whole night of fasting. Your metabolism goes in low gear after you have slept – but with the help of a really good breakfast you start up your body again. A good breakfast also makes you stay focused until lunch. People who eat a hearty breakfast also reduce the risk of overeating in the evening.
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