Fluorosis – white spots on the teeth

Fluorosis – white spots on the teeth

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Fluorosis can be noticed as white spotting on the teeth, which occurs as a result a mineralization defect in the enamel. Fluorosis spots can also sometimes have a yellow-brownish color. The defect originate during the development of the teeth, in other words during childhood, as a result of a high fluoride intake.

Excess fluoride intake can come from your drinking water. Fluorine content in drinking water varies, but per Swedish law it cannot exceed 1.5 mg fluorine per liter of water. There is no risk for fluorosis if your municipal water contains 1-1.2 mg fluorine per liter. You can find out how much fluorine your drinking water contains by contacting your municipal water supplier.
Fluorosis is more common in other countries than Sweden, and the few Swedish cases that occur are normally not severe.

Treating fluorosis?

In mild cases of fluorosis, the spotting is only superficial. Such spotting can be amended with so called micro abrasion. Micro abrasion is a hydrochloric acid which is rubbed against the tooth surface to remove the outer layer of the enamel. After that, a special gel is applied to the teeth. In cases of severe fluorosis, one might need veneers in order to correct the aesthetic appearance.
In order to get the best possible help with fluorosis, please consult your dentist.

Can teeth with fluorosis be whitened?

Yes, they absolutely can. If the spotting is white, you can whiten the areas surrounding the spots so that it eventually matches. This can take time, and you may need to undergo treatment for longer than usual. Sometimes it can take months. It’s also important to be aware that fluorosis entails a larger risk for tooth sensitivity. Teeth with fluorosis tend to look really white when undergoing teeth whitening, ofter after the first application. The white spotting intensifies temporarily as a result of dehydration, but it will rehydrate within a few days. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop the teeth whitening, as you may even need an extended duration of treatment in order to achieve the desired end result. We recommend home whitening treatment with mild gel for fluorosis patients.


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