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Brilliant Smile Toothpaste


Brushing your teeth with toothpaste morning
and evening prevents plaque and caries.
If you use a toothpaste with whitening, you also
counteract discoloration and yellow teeth.

Take care of your teeth and keep them white!
WhiteningBoost Toothpaste
Intensive treatment - Whitening toothpaste
98 kr
WhiteningEvo Toothpaste
Toothpaste with whitening
149 kr
o.32 Toothpaste
Maximum cavity & sensitivity protection
Contains 0.32% Sodium fluoride
49 kr 39.20 kr
Whitening Oral Care Kit
Complete set
Mouthwash, boost treatment, toothpaste
398 kr
REWHITE toothpaste sweet mint
Whitening toothpaste
Removes stains from coffee, tea, tobacco & red wine.
98 kr