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Whitening Oral Care Kit
Complete set
Mouthwash, boost treatment, toothpaste
398 kr
Deluxe Bundle: Whitening
Includes everything you need for an amazing whitening experience.
890 kr
HiWhite Charcoal kit
3 Charcoal toothpastes with different flavors.
294 kr 249 kr
The Small Bundle: Whitening
The small bundle, for those who want to try Brilliant Smile Whitening Oral Care.
345 kr
Whitening Travel Kit
Complete oral care routine for white teeth on the trip!
249 kr

WHITENING ORAL CARE - 3 simple steps for a whiter smile

Brilliant Smile's Whitening Oral Care kit is a complete oral care routine for daily use, and contains everything you need for strong, healthy and white teeth! All our whitening products contain ingredients with documented effect to dissolve discoloration without any harmful abrasion.

1. Mouthrinse

Whitening evo mouthrinse is a prophylactic mouthwash that dissolves discolorations and makes stains easier to brush off. The mouthrinse contains active ingredients and is used before tooth brushing.

2. Boost

WhiteningBoost Toothpaste is an intensive whitening toothpaste that is used for only two weeks at a time, when you want to freshen up your teeth a little bit extra. WhiteningBoost contains a higher concentration of active ingredients than Brilliant Smile's original toothpaste.

3. Toothpaste

WhiteningEvo Toothpaste is Brilliant Smiles original toothpaste for daily use. It prevents the formation of new discolorations, while making your teeth whiter without damaging the enamel. The toothpaste also protects your teeth against cavities, plaque and sensitivity.