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Brilliant Smile Mouthrinse


Brushing with toothpaste keeps your teeth clean,
but is not always enough. Add a mouthrinse to your
daily routine for a cleaner and fresher result.

Brilliant Smile's moutrinse cleans your teeth and gives
an extra protection against tooth sensitivity, plaque and caries.
WhiteningEvo Mouthrinse
Mouthrinse with whitening
198 kr
o.32 Fluoride Rinse
Maximum cavity & sensitivity protection
Contains 0.32% Sodium fluoride
89 kr
Whitening Oral Care Kit
Complete set
Mouthwash, boost treatment, toothpaste
398 kr
REWHITE mouthrinse sweet mint
Whitening mouthrinse
Removes stains from coffee, tea, tobacco & red wine.
129 kr
WhiteningEvo mouthrinse 100ml
Whitening mouthwash
Travel size 100 ml
98 kr