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Complete your daily routine with mouthwash for a more clean and fresh result! Get rid of food residue stuck between your teeth that may otherwise be hard to access, and keep that fresh feeling in the mouth all day. Did you know that all Brilliant Smile’s mouthrinses contain fluoride, which protects against cavities and strengthens the enamel? In addition to strong and healthy teeth, mouthwash can help to give whiter teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath. Our very best mouthwash, Whitening evo mouthrinse has all the benefits in one and the same product,. However, we also have mouthrinses that focus on specific functions, such as protection against cavities and erosions. Find the mouthwash that suits you best!
WhiteningEvo Mouthrinse
Mouthrinse with whitening
198 kr
o.32 Fluoride Rinse
Maximum cavity & sensitivity protection
Contains 0.32% Sodium fluoride
89 kr

Which mouthrinse is best for you?

Whitening evo mouthrinse – our best mouthrinse!
This fantastic mouthwash not only makes the teeth whiter, it gives an incredibly fresh and clean feeling in the mouth along with effective protection against cavities and erosions. You use it before brushing your teeth, simply because it loosens the dirt and coatings on your teeth. In this way, the surface stains become easier to brush off with any of our whitening toothpastes. The multifunctional whitening evo mouthrinse is, without doubt, our absolute best mouthrinse! Whitening evo mouthrinse contains fluoride (0,32% NaF) and has a refreshing minty taste. Did you know that Whitening evo mouthrinse also comes in travel size (100ml)?
o.32 Fluoride rinse - increased protection against cavities, erosion and sensitivity!
Are you struggling with tooth cavities, or do you drink a lot of soda and sour beverages? In that case, a daily routine with extra fluoride can do wonders for your oral health, as it gives an extra protection against cavities and erosion. Our o.32 fluoride rinse includes the highest fluoride content on the market (0,32% NaF), which, in other words, provides the best possible protection for your teeth. The fluoride rinse also contains potassium nitrate, which relieves sensistivity. This fluoride rinse should be used after toothbrushing for best effect and most durable protection. If you prefer mouthwash with a mild flavour that mainly focuses on giving stronger and healthier teeth, then o.32 Fluroide rinse is the one for you!
REWHITE mouthrinse  -  salvation for coffee drinkers!
This mouthwash is designed to fight stains from coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine, and should be used before brushing your teeth. Like the Whitening evo mouthrinse, this mouthwash dissolves surface coatings on the teeth, so that the discoloration may be brushed off more easily with toothpaste afterwards. Ideally, it should be used together with the REWHITE toothpaste, morning and evening, to keep the teeth white and sparkly. Naturally, this mouthrinse also contains fluoride (0,05 NaF) as it protects against tooth cavities and contributes to a better oral health.

Why use mouthwash?

Mouthrinse, or mouthwash, can be a great addition to the daily toothbrush and toothpaste routine. But what can it do?

- By rinsing and gargling, you may remove bacteria and food residue in the mouth which may otherwise cause caries or bad breath. 
- A mouthwash can also access pockets in the mouth where it may be difficult to reach with a toothbrush.
- Fluoride is a common mouthwash ingredient and is present in all Brilliant Smile mouthwashes. Fluoride strengthens the enamel and prevents the formation of plaque and cavities.
- The Brilliant Smile mouthwashes can be safely used twice a day and contribute to better oral health, fresher breath and gives a clean feeling to last you throughout the day.

Good to know about mouthwash

There are plenty of mouthwashes on the market today, some more effective than others. Make sure to select your daily mouthwash with care, and check the ingredients so that you can know if it will be gentle on the teeth and gums.

- Often times, mouthwash contains high volumes f alcohol, which can cause dehydration, bad breath and irritation. If you are worried about side effects, perhaps you should try our gentle o.32 fluoride rinse, which is completely free from alcohol. 
- To properly reap the benefits of mouthwash, you are advised to rinse for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute, giving the active ingredients time to do their magic.
- Using a mouthwash daily will not replace the need for toothpaste and toothbrush, but is a great addition to the daily regime. 

Add mouthwash to your daily routine today and get the best quality from Brilliant Smile!