Black Friday!

Black Friday!

laptop sale black friday

Black Friday is coming up! Actually, we have already started. Read about this hyped shopping day and check out our current offer!

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, this year it falls on November 29th. Did you know that some school’s and workplaces in the US closes on black Friday, to give the students and employees the opportunity to bargain shop? In Sweden, we are still far from the American level of hype, but in recent years Black Friday has grown into a large shopping day to be reckoned with.

Black Friday is connected to the American Thanksgiving holiday, where families gather together to celebrate. They seem to take this opportunity to make their Christmas shopping while they have time off. Black Friday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This day, the discounts are at its highest level, so you could understand why so many plan their shopping to it.

The name Black Friday is said to originate from Philadelphia, referring to the heavy increase in traffic on the day after Thanksgiving, as people where going back home after celebrating with their families.

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