How does teeth whitening work?


For many people, the whiteness of teeth has decreased naturally as the years past. Other people actually have teeth that are less white from the beginning. Surface stains and discolorations on the teeth is usually a result of food, drink or tobacco. The pigment in these products are packed into the enamel and over time, these pigment make the teeth darker. Good oral hygiene and daily use of toothpaste and mouthrinse can delay the process, but once the pigments have been absorbed these discoloration can only be removed by teeth whitening. Most people with discoloration can achieve a whiter shade on their teeth through a teeth whitening with Brilliant Smile Sweden. One treatment session is usually enough to achieve noticeably whiter teeth with a result that last for several years.


All of Brilliant Smile Swedens teeth whitening gel are pH-neutral and EU approved. Our gels also contain additives that prevent tooth sensitivity and strengthens the enamel. We use plasma light with minimal heat generation which will not damage the pulp inside the tooth that otherwise are heat sensitive. The plasma light is also completely free of harmful wavelengths and UV rays. We care about you as a customer and treatment with Brilliant Smile Sweden should give you a good result - both safe and quick!


A teeth whitening is always preceded by a visit to the dentist to ensure that the person undergoing the treatment has no cavitys or any other problems with the teeth. How a teeth whitening process is carried out depends on which treatment you choose to undergo, a traditional in-office whitening works like this:

1.  Health declaration
Before the treatment, the customer fill out a health declaration. This is to inform about the customer's medical history and is for the customer’s own safety.

2.  Polishing the teeth
The treatment begins with a thorough cleaning of the teeth to remove superficial stains and coatings.

3.  Protector - Protects the gums

Thereafter protector (a fluent plastic material that protects the gums from the bleaching gel) is applied along the gumline.

4.  The whitening of the teeth

When the gums are protected, gel with hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the teeth and activated with blue plasma light. The light does not bleach the teeth without the purpose with is to speed up the process by activating the gel. During a clinic whitening gel is applied to a total of three times. The treatment takes 1-1.5 hours.

5.  NanoSeal Total+

In the places where the discolorations have been, there are now instead very small gaps in the teeth. Brilliant Smile recommends that you avoid tobacco and heavily colored food and drinks for at least 72 hours after a teeth whitening treatment. As an option NanoSeal Total+ can be applied at the end of treatment to remineralize the enamel. This minimizes side effects and allows you to eat and drink whatever you want after the treatment.


The most common active ingredient in teeth whitening preparations is called hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes other substances that emit hydrogen peroxide is used (e.g. Carbamide), that works the same way. When the hydrogen peroxide oxidizes it releases free oxygen radicals that break down organic matter into carbon dioxide and water. Discolorations on the teeth is organic material that such as residues from food, coffee and tobacco. These are broken down during the treatment. The teeth enamel however, is not organic and therefore it’s not affected.


Discolorations and surface stains that have disappeared through a teeth whitening is gone permanently. However, you will gradually accumulate new discolorations. How long it takes for your teeth to become discolored again is very individual and depends on your diet and lifestyle. Most customers want to undergo a new treatment after 1-5 years. A in-office treatment gives an average of 7 shades whiter teeth after one treatment session.


Teeth whitening with Brilliant Smile Sweden is completely safe! For us, a safe procedure is as important as a good result! Unfortunately, this does not apply too all teeth whitening methods. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down surface stains on the teeth without damaging or altering the tooth enamel. What may damage the enamel are teeth whitening products that are not pH-neutral as they may cause corrosion damage. Corrosion damage is painful and gives both long-term inconveniences and a poor whitening result. As a consumer, it is important that you are aware of the content and effect of the products that you are buying. You can find our recommended retailers and clinics who perform whitening treatments with Brilliant Smile here