Not just another toothpaste...

Not just another toothpaste...

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Comparing Brilliant Smile products with any standard toothpaste or mouthrinse would be the same as comparing a 50-year old Mcallan single malt whiskey to the cheapest bottle from the liquor store. They are both called whiskey and contain alcohol, but that's where their similarities end.

Brilliant Smile have carefully chosen the absolute best ingredients, with the highest quality, and combined all advantages in the same product series. The result is an exclusive whitening oral care regime that actually works and is, in every regard, superior to the casual budget alternatives.

Brilliant Smile’s whitening toothpastes and mouthrinse include all the necessary functions, meanwhile they also make the teeth whiter, healthier and stronger. Also, they taste really good and look great standing on the bathroom shelf.. :)

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