Will I look like Ross in Friends after teeth whitening?

Will I look like Ross in Friends after teeth whitening?

Luminous teeth whitening

In an episode of Friends, the classic 90’s sitcom, Ross Geller gets his teeth whitened, but the result was not what he had imagined. His teeth ended up so white and literally shining, to the point his smile lit up in the dark! Is that possible in real life too though?

Is it possible for teeth whitening to make my teeth shine in the dark?

-        The answer is no, you can not get luminous teeth from teeth whitening treatments. You could try some UV-polish though, that should do it! 😉

A shiny white smile though?
-        If you are referring to a smile that is so bright you can barely look at it, then unfortunately, we can’t help you. If you instead want a beautiful, shiny and white smile that no one could take their eyes off, then you definitely should try our teeth whitening!

Do I need to be scared that my teeth are going to be extremely white?
-        No, you can relax. Teeth whitening Is a process that works step by step and is therefore possible to adjust after your needs. One treatment is usually enough to get the white and fresh smile you want. If you want the super white “Hollywood-smile” you may need more treatments to get rid of persistent discoloration that is stuck deep in your enamel.

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