Whitening Strips


Brilliant Smiles Whiteningevo strips is a teeth whitening product for home use. The treatment is very simple to carry out, effective and completely safe to use. The product itself is a thin transparent plastic strip with a mild whitening gel on one side (6% hydrogen peroxide), which is to be attached directly onto the teeth. The strips are almost invisible and can therefore be used on-the-go, for example, while preparing for a party or on the way to work. Whiteningevo strips are disposable strips packed in single pouches - one strip for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw in each sealed pouch. Each kit comes with 14 pouches, which is in other words enough for 14 days of treatment.


  Purchase from the dentist
  Attached directly to the teeth
  The treatment lasts for up to 14 days

Desired results are often reached after 7 days of use.
The remaining strips can be saved and used at a later time.


1.  Apply directly onto clean and dry teeth, with the gel suface facing the teeth.
2.  Stroke your fingers along the strip to properly attach it, and fold in the remaining film around the back of the teeth.
3.  Leave the strip on for 1-2 hours, Depending on how long you wish to whiten your teeth.
4.  Pull off the strip and throw it in the trash.

Brilliant Smile recommends that you avoid tobacco and heavily colored foods and beverages throughout the treatment period, to ensure getting the best possible results.