Brilliant Smiles re:fresh is a simple teeth whitening treatment performed at the clinic. A mild bleaching gel (6% hydrogen peroxide) is applied in a specially designed rail and activated with blue plasma light. The gel is pH neutral, which means that the bleaching does not damage or change the enamel structure of the tooth. It only breaks down discolourations that have been packed into the enamel. It also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride which counteracts sensitivity and tooth sensitivity during and after the treatment.


  Gel with 6% hydrogen peroxide
  Applied in specially designed rail
  Activated with Brilliant Smiles plasma light
  Treatment time: 2 x 20 minutes alt. 3 x 20 minutes

re: fresh is a shorter treatment that suits you
have undergone a teeth whitening in-office before.
At the end of treatment, NanoSeal Total+ is applied to the teeth.
This is a solution containing nano structured fluoride which rebuilds and remineralizes the enamel instantly.
Application of NanoSeal Total+ minimizes sensitivity and also allows the patient to eat and drink anything directly after the treatment.