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Whitening Travel Kit

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Whitening Travel Kit is our ultimate kit for strong, healthy and white teeth - vacation style! We have thought of everything, and already packed our boost toothpaste and whitening mouthrinse, a toothbrush and the smart cleaning cloths in a nice toiletry bag. If you are travelling by plane, it may be nice to know that all the products in the kit can be brought in your carry-on bag!

The kit includes:

Whitening Boost Toothpaste
20 ml (reg. price 98 kr)
Ultra-effective whitening toothpaste that gives fast results. This toothpaste is peroxide free and whitens the teeth with active ingredients and sodium bicarbonate.

Whitening Evo Mouthrinse
100 ml (reg. price 98 kr)
Refreshing mouthwash which dissolves coatings and make stains easier to brush off with Brilliant Smile toothpaste. For best results, you should therefore rinse before you brush your teeth!

(reg. price 49 kr)
Luxurious toothbrush with soft bristles and a comfortable grip.

Dental Cleanser
10 pieces (reg. price 49 kr)
You could call it a disposable pocket toothbrush, while really it's a polishing cloth that you put on your finger and rub onto the teeth to remove food residue and coatings. Afterwards, the teeth feel nice and clean and you get a fresh minty taste in the mouth.

Black Toiletry Bag
(reg. price 49 kr)
Small, black toiletry bag in microfiber with mesh details and a zipper.

Product type: Oral care bundle
Used for: Breath , Cavities , Intensive whitening , Sensitivity , Whitening
Flavor: Fresh mint
Other info: Contains sodium fluoride. , Not recommended for children under 12 years old.


Article nr: 535
Complete oral care routine for white teeth on the trip!

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