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FAQ about teeth whitening



What does a bleaching treatment cost?

Recommended consumer price for an in-office treatment with BrilliantSmile Sweden is 4900 SEK, but prices may vary. Please contact your clinic for accurate prices.



Does the teeth whitening treatment take long?

Compared to older and more complex methods with halogen lamps, teeth whitening with LED Plasma Light Technology is very comfortable and provides great results. Treatment including pre and post consultation takes about 1.5-2 hours.


Is teeth whitening safe?

Brilliant Smile teeth whitening is performed by certified personnel and is completely safe for the patient. Naturally, a dentist should examine your teeth thoroughly and treat damaged teeth before whitening treatment can begin. The patient must have visited a dentist within the last three months prior to treatment.

What results can be guaranteed?

A whitening treatment with Brilliant Smile gives in average seven shades whiter teeth. The result is individual and depends on the type and degree of discoloration. To get a fair assessment, please book an appointment for consultation at one of our clinics.

What causes discolorations?

Discoloration can be genetic or the result of medication, poor oral hygiene , aging, smoking, certain foods and beverages, or a combination of mentioned factors.

Am I a proper candidate for teeth whitening?

People with most types of discolorations can achieve a significantly whiter tooth shade with Brilliant Smile's teeth whitening treatments. To get a fair assessment, please schedule a consultation at one of our clinics.


Can EVERYONE get whiter teeth?

Most people can get significantly whiter teeth from teeth whitening! About 15-20 % of the population are however difficult to bleach for various reasons. Examples of "challenging" discolorations can be very dark shades, thick teeth, gray shades, opacity, fluorosis, drugs discolorations, the red pigments etc.. In these cases prolonged treatments may be required to achieve the desired results. Very few people do not get any results at all, although that is very rare. Those people usually have inorganic discolorations and thus will not be affected at all by teeth whitening.


Do I have to use a bleaching tray?

Brilliant Smile's in-office teeth whitening is conducted without trays, and the treatment is performed at a clinic in one single occasion. Instead of bleaching at home with a tray night after night, you will see the results immediately.

How long will it take before my teeth become discolored again?

How long it takes for your teeth to become discolored again depends on your lifestyle and diet. Normally, people would like to repeat the treatment after three to five years.



How can my teeth become white without being damaged?

When hydrogen peroxide oxidizes it releases free radicals which break down organic matter into carbon dioxide and water. The discolorations in your teeth is for example residues from coffee, tobacco, food, etc. which are in fact organic and are therefore removed. The enamel is inorganic and thus will not be affected. Something that will damage the enamel are acid or alkaline preparations, as this etches the enamel. Therefore, Brilliant Smile Sweden only use bleaching gels with neutral pH (7), which means the bleaching will not alter the enamel structure or etch the tooth surface. In addition, our preparations contain ingredients that ease sensitivity, strengthen the teeth and repair damage to the tooth enamel. As a result, the patient will in the end get healthier and stronger teeth.



Can I bleach my teeth if I have porcelain veneers or fillings? Will it affect the result?

Yes, you can whiten your teeth when you have crowns and fillings, as these consist of inorganic composite material and are not affected by bleaching. However, please note that the composites will not be bleached do and may therefore appear as more yellow compared to the bleached teeth. Superficial organic stains on a filling can be removed by teeth whitening, resulting in a slightly brighter filling afterwards. Please keep in mind that you might need to exchange visible fillings or crowns to match your new brighter smile.


Is teeth whitening safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

As there is a lack of research and studies in the subject of teeth whitening as it pertains to pregnancy and lactation, Brilliant Smile Sweden recommends you wait with whitening treatments until you stopped breastfeeding. The likelihood of teeth whitening affecting the child or the mother is minimal, but there is no reason to risk it.



Will teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening is often associated with side effects such as tooth sensitivity and sensibility, which is not dangerous but can be uncomfortable. Luckily with Brilliant Smile's products, side effects are rare. You might feel slight tingles the first 24 hours after treatment, but this is perfectly natural and will disappear. Our method is completely safe as we only use mild, pH neutral gels which won't etch or damage the enamel. In addition, our preparations contain ingredients that ease sensitivity, strengthen the teeth and repair damage to the tooth enamel. As a result, the patient will in the end get healthier and stronger teeth.



How do I book an appointment?

We don't perform any treatments at the Brilliant Smile Sweden head office. Our resellers and clinics perform our treatments all over Scandinavia, and you contact them directly to make an appointment. Find the closest clinic here.



Where can I buy your products?

Our oral care products are available in our webshop or via our resellers.



What is the difference between the bleaching system and the whitening oral care regime?

Bleaching refers to a temporary treatment, removing stains and discoloration inside the tooth using an oxidizing substance (example: hydrogen peroxide gel). Our toothpaste and mouthwash however, dissolves surface stains using of active ingredients and is intended for daily use. Our oral care products do not contain any harmful abrasives, nor do they contain hydrogen peroxide or other oxidizing substances.



Do I have to bleach my teeth prior to using the toothpastes and mouthwash ?

Absolutely not! Our oral care regimen is suitable for anyone who wants to take extra good care of their teeth, and keep them as white and healthy as possible.



What is the difference between the red and the blue toothpaste ?

The blue toothpaste (whiteningevo toothpaste) is our original toothpaste, intended for daily use in order to keep your teeth white and healthy. It contains active ingredients that dissolve surface stains without harmful abrasives. It also prevents new stains from forming on the teeth. Daily use provides very good protection against cavities, plaque, tartar, tooth sensitivity and bad breath.
The red toothpaste (whiteningboost toothpaste ) contains a higher concentration of active ingredients - plus two additional whitening ingredients. It removes all surface stains in just two weeks and thus serves as an intensive care toothpaste when you need some extra BOOST.



Why should I use the mouthwash before brushing ?

The active ingredients in the mouthwash loosens the surface stains and make them easier to brush off. In addition, the mouthwash reaches in between the teeth where the toothbrush doesn't, which significantly affects the genereal perception of the tooth shade. - In fact, if the center of the tooth is white but the edges are yellow, the tooth will still appear yellow. 


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