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The Smile Bar expands to top location in Bangkok


The Smile Bar is a high-end teeth whitening center, providing customers excellent personal service in a contemporary enviroment. Following the successful launch in Hong Kong in 2015, the concept, which includes Brilliant Smile Sweden’s re:fresh treatment, is expanding to Bangkok, Thailand.


After receiving honorable reviews in Hong Kong, The Smile Bar has taken their next step in the Asian market by launching in the heart of Bangkok on April 23rd 2016. Located at the Siam Square, the new facilities include 3 floors, hosting a dental clinic, The Smile Bar, and a relaxing massage oasis on the top floor.


“Thai customers are very interested in looks and beauty, and they value great customer service and a welcoming environment. So in that regard, I believe The Smile Bar concept is a good answer to their demand. We offer a competitive service here in Bangkok, as the facility is very relaxed and cool, the products that we use are safe and efficient, and our services come at a reasonable price.” - Sirinart Sukkrajang, General Manager Thailand


The Smile Bar, your teeth whitening partner in Bangkok, is open daily from 10am-10pm. Please visit the website for more information.










Hong Kong launch with The Smile Bar concept


The first on-the-go teeth whitening clinic has opened its doors in Hong Kong. Skip the sterile and static environment of a dental clinic - The Smile Bar offers excellent service at their fresh and modern facilities, providing a luxurious treatment that makes every customer feel pampered, comfortable and safe.


The Smile Bar are utilizing Brilliant Smile Sweden’s re:fresh treatment concept, which includes a mild hydrogen peroxide gel, applied in a specially designed mouth tray, and light-activation with Brilliant Smile Plasma LED light. Brilliant Smile’s teth whitening system is well known for providing safe, fast and long lasting results.


 “The Smile Bar is like a prayer answered for those who are looking for whiter teeth without any risk. Known for its innovation in the field of customer safety, The Smile Bar specializes in giving beautiful smiles thanks to its innovative center for teeth whitening.”


Since the premiere opening of The Smile Bar, the concept has caught the attention of numerous bloggers, journalists and public figures. Their reviews, as well as the customer testimonials, goes to show that the The Smile Bar experience provides the results and safety promised in a pleasurable environent. We couldn’t be prouder of our partner, and we wish The Smile Bar the best of luck and look forward to our continued cooperation in the future!










Brilliant Smile Sweden available at all Swedish Pharmacy Chains

The Brilliant Smile oral care product line was first introduced as a compliment to the teeth whitening treatments. As people started to take notice, and consumers loved it, the demand for improved availability and accessibility grew rapidly. The Swedish pharmacies seemed like the perfect platform to expand, as it provides nationwide coverage, highgly qualified service and competent staff. The launch begun in May 2014, and was successfully completed by May 2015.


Just over a year has passed since Brilliant Smile launched the oral care products in the first pharmacy chain, Apotek Hjärtat. During the past year, the remaining chains have joined in line one by one, completed finally by the launch at Apoteket AB in May 2015. Now as a result, our exclusive line of oral care whitening are more accessible than ever in the Swedish market.


The products offered at the Swedish pharmacies are Brilliant Smile’s toothpastes and mouthwash. Our oral care products dissolve surface stains by using active ingredients that do not etch the enamel, and are developed for daily use. The products are suitable for anyone who wants to take extra good care of their teeth and keep them white and healthy as possible.