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How does it work?




What is teeth discoloration?

Most people have some sort of discoloration or stains on their teeth. Food, coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks and tobacco will discolor teeth over time, which is a natural process that is difficult to avoid completely. In addition, whiteness usually decreases with age and some of us are actually born with less white teeth than others.

More unusual types of discolorations can be caused by for example a stroke or an accident, medication or certain diseases. An excessive intake of fluoride during the calcification of teeth (during childhood) can also make your teeth discolored. This particular condition is called fluorosis, and appears as white or yellowish-brown stains on the teeth.


What actually bleaches the teeth?

Hydrogen peroxide is the most common active ingredient in teeth whitening preparations. When hydrogen peroxide oxidizes it releases free radicals which break down organic matter into carbon dioxide and water. The discolorations in your teeth is for example residues from coffee, tobacco, food, etc. which are in fact organic and are therefore removed. The enamel is inorganic and thus will not be affected.


Is teeth whitening dangerous?

Brilliant Smile’s teeth whitening system is completely harmless, but unfortunately not all teeth whitening systems are. The hydrogen peroxide itself remove stains in the tooth without damaging or altering the tooth enamel, but something that will damage the enamel are acid or alkaline preparations, as this etches the enamel. All Brilliant Smile gels are therefore pH neutral, and our plasma light is completely free from carcinogenic UV rays and harmful wavelengths.